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Interior Design and Decorating Services Provided by Old World Designs

  • Full Service Interior & Exterior Designs – and we do mean everything! We can gut your home or commercial space and start from scratch, or simply modify the décor of your already unique domicile or edifice with faux finishes, murals, drapery designs, window treatments, custom furniture, window coverings, bedding, and other stylish and sophisticated accessories.
  • New Construction and Remodels – We will create interior designs that work within the confines of the architectural plans, architects, and blue prints of your new home or commercial site and create the feeling, mood, and design that will reflect your personal sense of style or business image to the general public.
  • Full Home Makeover or Room by Room – no interior design/-decorating job is too big or small for us!
  • Holiday and Special Event Designs – You want to be the toast of the town with the gala you will soon be hosting? Then let’s work together to design an entrance, an archway, a hallway that emanates culture yet an avant-garde like quality to all that pass through. Let’s add the fire of sophistication and grace to the already intricately designed fireplace within your living room; or create a wonderland of civilized elegance in your garden where you will see your youngest child wed.
  • All Designer Discounts Passed onto Client
  • Full Home Move-in and Complete Organization – Does your summer home in Del Mar or your winter home in North Scottsdale need some serious interior designing and decorating work? Give us the keys and by the time you walk in the door for your summer or winter getaway, your home will be pristine, organized, and simply charming – from the positioning of your furniture, one-of-a-kind wall treatments, the linen selections, glassware, color coordination of your wardrobe, to the art on the walls and types of flowers cut in the vases.

Our Personalized Interior Design Process

With over a 100 clients happily delighted by our detail oriented customer service, polished professionalism, and always with the client’s vision in mind and not our own, we have managed to create breath-taking home and commercial space interior designs in many areas of Phoenix, Scottsdale, San Diego, Del Mar, La Jolla, Denver, Ft. Lauderdale, and in parts of Europe as well. Below is the delightful and enjoyable process Old World Design guides you through as your interior design and decorating dreams are realized:

  • Phone consult – Initial phone interview/conversation with client to get the big picture idea of what the client is desiring in regards to his/her home, commercial space, bedroom, bathroom, etc.
  • In person consult – here we discuss design ideas related to aspects of fabrics, textures, colors, mood of the room(s), draperies, bedding, furniture, art, etc. and more of the nuances the client wishes to convey in this new design or remodel.
    First hour is FREE
  • Feedback – Old World Design encourages constant feedback from their clients. If a client is in town then we invite them to observe each step of our design process, and have no reservation with the client making revisions regards to their vision at any part of the process
  • Refining the space – Clients who are not residing in the area of the design project, we simply ask them to view the finished project and make any changes and revisions to the space – whether the modifications are big or small!
  • Wine and Cheese Party – If our clients are in town when the project is completed, then we have a little interior design soirée of sorts! Fine wine, wonderful cheeses are served as we take a tour of your new space – every nook and crevice is gone over here.
  • Your interior design vision not ours – Our clients never feel pressured, bothered, or directed by us to have a certain look or feel that we deem is more suitable for the space we are designing. Of course we give input, but when we walk away from the project this new design space now becomes your home, place of business, vacation villa, or penthouse suite. You need to feel like it’s yours and not what an interior designer or decorator forced your hand to have done.

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